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The Survival Egyptian Arabic Course is suitable for expats who live in Egypt and cannot find the time to study, as well as people coming to Egypt for a short visit.
This is a practical Egyptian Arabic course that gives you only what you will use and covers all essential daily situations, enabling you to communicate easily with Egyptians.
You don’t need to have any Egyptian Arabic prior knowledge before starting this course. If you want to learn the Egyptian Arabic colloquial basics through the easiest and fastest method then you should enroll!
At the end of this course you will be able to: introduce yourself; greet people; say which country you come from; ask the way; give directions; give a basic description of where you live; talk about your daily activities; communicate during simple and routine tasks; describe dreams, hopes and ambitions; and have a basic conversation with a native speaker.
In this course, we offer the following optional activities, which will constitute the third hour of each lesson:
– Sharing popular Egyptian food.
– Aerobics, but in Arabic.
– Live Egyptian music.
– dardasha (conversation club with Egyptians to practice what you learned in the course)
The Egyptian Arabic survival course offers 8 hours of study over the period of 1 month (2 hours per week: 2 hours of class plus the extracurricular activities).

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