I am Heba Barakat. I have been teaching modern standard Arabic and Egyptian colloquial for more than 8 years.
I used to dream of being a tour guide and traveling the world because I love cultural exchanges and getting know new and different cultures and people. I graduated from Cairo University with a major in Egyptian and Islamic archeology. After receiving the CCTAFL (Career Certificate in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language) from the American university in Cairo I started teaching Arabic to foreigners. This new side of my life brings me so much delight and satisfaction, and I am thrilled to have co-founded almadrasa. I am very happy when I see students progressing, especially the beginners in their first contact with Arabic.  My knowledge of archeology and CCTAFL, along with my love for teaching Arabic, helps me in achieving my dreams of teaching and facilitating meaningful culture exchanges. I see the world through my students and I love the cultural exchanges enabled by almadrasa’s programs. I am especially passionate about teaching students through tours, cultural events, entertainment trips and concerts, as part of almadrasa’s total immersion program Learn Arabic in Arabic.