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Sing and learn Arabic to the melodies of popular Arabic songs!
The best learning happens when we have fun. DANDIN BIARABI is a great source of real-life language, and an opportunity to use music to practice many different language skills. Most of all, songs are a fun way to learn Arabic!
This course will help you to learn vocabulary in context, improving your understanding and fluency. It will also help you get to know a central part of the Egyptian culture.
You don’t need to have any Egyptian Arabic prior knowledge before starting this course.
By the end of this course you will:
– Improve Your Pronunciation: The joy of singing along to songs you love makes it easier for you to pick up correct pronunciation
– Learn Vocabulary in Context: Learning how vocabulary is used in sentences is a key part of learning how to speak a language in the real world. You can’t learn isolated words in your target language and expect to get fluent.
– Practice reading, writing and listening skills: Any chance to hear Arabic is helpful, even if it’s just putting on background music during mealtimes, play-times, or when you’re travelling. But to really improve your Arabic, you will need to listen carefully. Make some time to understand the song lyrics and think about what they mean.
– Get to know an important part of Egyptian culture: Through Egyptian songs, you will learn about different types of Egyptian culture. For example, if you listen to the singer Munir (il-King), you will get to explore Nubian culture. If you listen to Hijazi Mitqal, you will explore the culture of Upper Egypt and the way they sing with. If you hear Adawiya, you can hear the feelings and experiences of ordinary Egyptian people. Egyptian songs are closely linked to Egyptian customs, traditions, spirit, and humor. Through songs, you will better understand how Egyptians love, hate, and joke with each other.
The Learn Arabic through Songs course offers 8 hours of study (2 hours a week for 4 weeks).

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