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Our immersion social program (Arabic in Arabic) is a very important and much appreciated part of our school. Language and culture are inextricably linked so our program is an inclusive social program devised with the interests of the learners in mind. It’s an optional, full and varied social program of activities and excursions is designed to activate your Arabic while you learn about Egyptian life and culture. You can visit many interesting places, share new experiences with Egyptians, get to know your teachers outside of the classroom and have lots of fun.
The immersion program aims at living the Arabic language and Egyptian colloquial as well as culture; visiting Egyptian families and some popular areas in addition attending cultural events.
This program enables students to travel, learn, practice and live the language.  This program designed for groups of ten or more students.
This program consists of 360 hours of language instruction and language practicing with native trainers and locals.
The immersion  program offered by almadrasa  twice a year.
This program is organized per request. Please email for times and activities of this program.