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The program offers tailored courses that meet the diverse requirements of professionals, including written Modern Standard Arabic (MSA); reading and writing, and as well-spoken and aural MSA and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic. We train employees in order to give them the necessary language skills required for their jobs and life in the region.
One-on-one or small groups
Tutorials allow students the opportunity to meet one-on-one with an experienced instructor for personalized instruction designed to help them meet their particular objectives. Our instructors design the curriculum according to the set requirements, both in Modern Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial, to help the learners achieve their goals.  A further advantage of one-on-one instruction is scheduling flexibility. The student and instructor meet at the learners’ convenience during the day, evening or weekend.
Placement exams will be administered at the beginning of the program to determine each student’s level.
All instructors have excellent qualifications, in-depths knowledge and sound experience in teaching Arabic as a foreign language to high level diplomats and governmental employees with international missions, such as the SIEMENS, RENAULT, MERCEDES and others.
– A unique opportunity to learn Arabic in a short time
– Customized courses that are tailored to professionals and diplomats who are studying Arabic
– Extensive experience in teaching diplomats and governmental employees
– Flexible time frame
– Enable participants to communicate in Arabic effectively and with confidence.
– Teaching participants to give speeches and make presentations on different topics in Arabic.
– Improving students’ professional writing skills for email, letters and reports.
– Enabling participants to make and receive telephone calls.
– Helping participants better understand idioms, accents, body language used in the Arab world and gain more knowledge about Arabic culture.
– Enabling participants to mix dialect and formal Arabic (MSA) in informal conversation.
Most participants in this program are employees in companies or other institutions thus have very busy schedules. To accommodate this, we offer flexibility in the program time depending on the participants’ schedules and numbers. We offer custom and semi-custom language programs on-site or off-site, short and intensive language workshops, as well as distance-learning options.
This program is organized per request. Please email for times and activities of this program.