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Some universities require their students to study Arabic for special purposes, such as Arabic Media, business Arabic, history, society studies, religion, culture, grammar, writing and translation. We can provide these specialized courses.
almadrasa has years of experience in providing  a variety of standard and tailor-made courses for universities students completing their Study Abroad Program as part of their degree, and  can design different and varied programs for universities students from faculties of Arabic, Middle Eastern studies, Social Sciences and Politics, Education and Egyptology.. according to their needs and requirements that facilitate understanding their own syllabuses further develop their skills and abilities to understand their studies.
Each student receives an end-of-course evaluation and certificate as agreed with the university. A daily online attendance report is available to the university Study Abroad coordinator/s. Monthly reports/assessments can be provided as required by the university. Assessments and evaluations can be accessed online by the university’s Study Abroad Coordinator/s. End-of-course exams/assessment are set as per international grading systems or university-specific grading.
If you, as a university, are interested in including a Study Abroad programme with almadrasa in your curriculum, please contact us via to provide you with all necessary information and materials.