Students’ Accommodation Options in Cairo

We understand that the quality and type of accommodation is very important when you come to study here at almadrasa. We work closely together with a range of local accommodation providers. We are happy to advise and help with any questions you may have.
  • Hotels

    There are a number of excellent hotels (3 to 5 stars) offer very attractive and variety prices near the school and most of them are within easy walking distance.

  • Self-Catering Apartments

  • Shared Apartments

    In a shared student apartment, you will stay with other students and/or locals. You will have a single room to yourself and enjoy complete independence, including use of a kitchen, while living with people sharing a similarly independent outlook.

  • Room Rent with Host Family


We have the ideal solution for the independent type of students and prefer to be on their own. You can choose from our range of self-catering apartments located close to the school. All apartments are fully furnished to meet any requirements you may have. They are equipped with bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and dining area. Balcony and TV are available options. Apartment accommodation generally needs to be booked at least 4 weeks before a student is due to arrive.  Kindly contact us for our latest offers.
Homestay gives you the opportunity to live with Egyptian family. Many students find staying with an Egyptian family a very rewarding experience as it offers them a unique insight into Egyptian culture and provides the perfect opportunity to improve their Arabic by practicing it in a natural everyday context.
This is an ideal option for long‑term students who would like to keep costs down but at the same time enjoy the company of an Egyptian Host Family. Students pay rent to the Host Family on a room‑only basis, and will be responsible for arranging their own food and laundry.
For more information, and arranging your homestay contact us.